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To my mother, whose support, work, talent, strength, tenderness and intelligence have inspired me to no end. Thanks for your unconditional friendship.

In memory of my father and my grandmother whose wisdom in the kitchen gave me something beautiful to do while music stopped. I miss you. This album (and myself) are here thanks to the most remarkable and supportive family: Magdalena, Nayeli (chief inspector) and Georg. Thank you for your courage and union when the sky was yellow. I promise I will always cook for you (whenever we are in the same country) (You can use this as legal contract). Thanks for acting normal in front of my suicidal musical ideas: You are the greatest treasure.

Special thanks to Pablo Maestres (my favourite artist), Joan Vila, Oriol, Anna Lop, Diego, No Nos Llamamos Fiodor, Nick, Gavin from Easy Tiger and M4M (David, Mario, Al and the duck), for being there with no apparent reason all the time. I love you. Really, I do. I know I never tell you, but you should already know. (Well...I did tell you...I can't remember when....but I'm fairly sure I did...or did I?)

To Alberto Pérez and Luis Bestard for the extraordinary talent and work they have invested in Yellow. You rock, people! I also want to say thanks to ALL of my students, because without your energy, love and knowledge I would have given up a long time ago. (Particularly to albert, david, marina, sandra, victor, álvaro, alex, victor david, ruben and sergio whose craziness and tender put me back on planet earth)

And special special thanks to you...because if you are reading this, it means you have the album in your ears. Which right now, as I write this note, is all I have after the storm (along with this bunch of exceptional people I mentioned above). And to Dave Rosfeld whom I never call or write but I dearly love most of the time.

This music is for Georg who has changed my life everyday since.


released June 2, 2013

*If you wish to pay money for this music, just make a donation to Instituto Terra. They're recovering the rainforest. That worths more than music in this very moment:





The Big Head Troubled Boy UK

Band with an unnecessary long name
which lately has been performing louder

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Track Name: Little Love Lost Song
Little love lost song
Twilight forest of deers
Little lost song
Lost its antlers in fear

When I go back I would like to feel home
When I go home I would like to feel fine

Little love lost song
Little love lost song

When I go blind I would like to feel fine
When I go home I would like to feel home
When I get lost I would like to be done
When I go deaf I would like to be gone
Track Name: Will save us
OUR life will save Us
Our life Will save us
Our life WILL save Us
Our Life will SAVe us

But we
Far too wasted
To know
That’s it’s just us

ALL the love you left behind it’S all the love You left behind
it’S all the LOvE you left BEHIND it’s All the love you Left Behind
Track Name: Yellow
Suddenly, my heart sinks
Into my emptied chest
Quietly, a explosion
Of particles collide
There’s nothing
Nothing to say now

There’s Nothing
Nothing to Fix Now

Suddenly, My Yellow Sour yellow-Rotten Heart
Looks like stardust but it’s just bleeding dust
There’s nothing, Nothing, To say now
There’s nothing, nothing to fix now
‘cause we are nothing
WE are Nothing

WE are Nothing But Ashes on a Plastic Bag
About to be forgotten in a Corner

We are nothing but ashesonaplasticbag
About to be for gotten inacorner

Wearenothing but ashesona plastic bag
About to be For Go Tten InaCorner
We are nothing but ashesone aplasticbag
About to be For Go Tten Inacorner

We are nothing
But ashes on ap lastic bag
About to be For Gotten InaCorner

We arenothing butasheseonaplasticbag
To be
In a cor

We are
But ahes onaplasticbag
Track Name: Fishbone
On the pebble
The river has dried up
This water has taught me something
These rocks will not go back

Animals cry for wet land
Where trees bleed on the sand
A wingless bird is floating
its feathers have dried up

His body is collapsing
My tears have dried to salt
We’re paralysed by the future
By tearing up these maps
Track Name: Stop the cars II
All the fear
I had
Held my feet like a rope

Morning light
Are you departing?
Are you sure?
‘cause this time feels so powerful inside
That I can even learn to walk this land

All the ways
All the roads
All the cars
All the ways
Show me the road

If I have to miss you I will
I promise I will

Track Name: What I have
What I have
Won’t stop the news
Won’t buy me a house
But can arouse my wasted my heart

What I have
Won’t stop the war
Won’t bring him back
But can arouse my wasted heart

Bones will dry
Yet this
Forthright to my heart
Track Name: Shoot me
If you go
Bury my bones
Bury my poetry
I’ll be long gone

If you go
Don’t blame this place
We’re only mirrors
Of what we felt

But if you follow
Right by heart
I’ll have your children
I’ll be your heart